A Modern Approach with Ecological Respect

Our goal at Genesee Tree Service is to improve the health and vigor of our clients' plants and to do it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our customers choose us in part because we are a "green" company whose environmentally responsible operations put us in a different league than firms merely pruning and removing trees.

Our efforts in Plant Health Care (PHC) and the practice of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) take into consideration the many variables that affect plant health. We stress to our clients the importance of cultural practices that will directly affect plant health. Implementing these management practices alone can increase the health of the plant, enabling it to sustain the predictable attacks of pests and disease using its natural defenses. That is not only an ecologically responsible approach involving less chemical applications, but it also saves our clients money. We are nonetheless ready to respond further if problems occur and your plant cannot be protected by cultural practices alone.

Responsible use of Chemicals When Needed

Like you, we're aware that our climate is changing and historic seasonal patterns shift. Performing landscape operations such as chemical spraying on a fixed calendar date basis is now obsolete. Development of pests and disease is tied to budbreak or bloom rather than a calendar date. Our IPM orientation means that we will apply the right material, properly timed when it is most effective.

Genesee Tree Service is a firm believer in the motto "Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice." We will never apply a chemical product without an identified pest and/or disease. Gone are the days of blanket chemical applications without a defined target. Professional implementation of IPM calls for the targeting of a defined pest prior to any application.

Our Chemical Application Assurance

You will never find our employees applying a product without knowing the exact product and target. We feel so strongly about this policy that if any client speaks with one of our specialists and this information is not disclosed, the application is free of charge; and before the end of the day the client will be contacted regarding the exact product used and the pest(s) being targeted.

An environmentally friendly philosophy is in lockstep with an environmentally responsible mindset. Arbitrary chemical applications are neither, and that is why they are not part of Genesee Tree Service landscape management practice.

A Forward-looking, Regional View

To fully serve your trees and protect them from risk, we keep informed of possible problems and their impact on our environment. Genesee Tree Service stands apart from other firms by keeping aware of pests and disease affecting plants in surrounding communities. When we become aware of insect pests or disease that may affect our clients' plants, we bring this to their attention in the form of an action plan with preparations for that anticipated problem. Our Plant Health Care programs are proactive and don't wait until your plants are compromised by new threats.

We're aware of insect problems like the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid found in Rochester, and fungal disease such as Bleeding Canker affecting European beeches in our community. We are monitoring the progress of the Emerald Ash Borer now that it is in NY state after Michigan, Pennsylvannia and Ohio infestations. Our consulting, prevention and detection plans are in place as such problems threaten our region. Read about our approach on our Emerald Ash Borer page.

Our staff is always up to date with the current research and practices of the tree care industry. We learn from the success and failures of other communities in dealing with pests and disease that are anticipated to affect Rochester and upstate New York. It is one of the reasons Genesee Tree Service is the logical choice for your tree services and comprehensive Plant Health Care management.